✅CS:GO|10-999 ITEMS|Random|MAIL|99GAMES|$1-$999inv

Buy рандом аккаунт ✅CS:GO|10-999 ITEMS|Random|MAIL|99GAMES|$1-$999inv

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Description of product

🔥 After payment, you will instantly receive a Steam account with various items in the CS:GO game, with a customized profile. And most importantly, the accounts are not stolen, not scammed, and no one will take them away in the future. We give a guarantee for this 100, as we give with native mail and with native letters.

✔️ Why buy from us:

⭐️ We work without cheating!

⭐️ 15000 Sales

⭐️ 2700 Positive reviews

⭐️ After sales support

When buying an account, we give 3 keys to Steam games, which cost from 699 rubles each.
Games that can drop out as a bonus:
Cyberpunk 2077;
To pick up the keys, write to us in a private message after the purchase and leave a positive review.
Only today!
Promotion period: from 10/02/2022 to 10/02/2022

🔥 Tired of playing with standard items? Then you here)
🔥 After payment, you will instantly receive a Steam account with various items in the CS:GO game.
🔥 Frequently asked question Will the account be restored? No, the Account will be only yours, no one will ever restore it, since the account was created honestly for boost and sale, and you can use it as the main account.
🎮 The account can be in the form login:pass:email:pass in addition to this, there may be other games on the account.
✅ Inventory consists of 30 to 999 items.
✅ There are over 40 games in the Library.
✅ Inventory from $1-99.
✅ All accounts without Steam locks.
✅ All accounts without phone bindings in Steam.
✅ All accounts without VAC bans.
✅ All accounts with native mail.
✅ Inventory cost from $1.
✅ All accounts No one will ever steal your personal accounts.
✅ And also leave a positive review, and you will receive an additional 5 Steam keys for free.

Additional information

🔴After verifying your account, you should:
⚙❗Change mail.
⚙❗Account password.
⚙❗Tie your mobile phone.
⚙❗In case of non-compliance, we only replace the goods.
⚙❗The seller of the site does not store data after the sale of goods, please store your goods securely, and do not allow third parties to receive data!
⚙❗The customer must ensure the safety and security of data. We recommend changing all data after purchase.
⚙❗The seller, in case of loss, theft of accounts or property from them, does not provide assistance in returning lost funds, restoring or replacing goods,
⚙❗The customer must check the product within 24 hours after purchase.
Claims for the goods are accepted only within 24 hours after the purchase of the goods, if the goods:
1. Unable to sign in
2. Does not match the description.
3. Technical problems with data.
⚙❗Some accounts may require Steam guard, send us a message and we'll send the code.
⚙❗ The presence of Steam levels, access to the trading platform, the ability to add to friends and groups, wallet balance, the presence of other paid games, played hours, prime are not guaranteed and are not a prerequisite, if you got something on your account, this is your bonus !
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