⭐️Xbox Game Pass Ultimate+EA✔️3 years+✔️On your account

Buy game pass ⭐️Xbox Game Pass Ultimate+EA✔️3 years+✔️On your account

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⭐️Xbox Game Pass Ultimate + EA Play with 470 Games for 3 years✔️On Your Account

◻️ Do not miss an opportunity to buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate while it's still on sale with Bro_Gamers!
◻️ Link games to your OWN account, available for PC and Xbox!

☑️ You receive:
✅ Simple activation guide, you enter our acc, and link games from our shared account to your OWN ACCOUNT in Microsoft
✅ 470 Games that are available in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It's active for 3 years, we will renew it after
https://www.xbox.com/xbox-game-pass/games# List of all games for PC and Xbox
✅ EA Play, Ubisoft, other launchers (Available only on Xbox)
✅ ONLINE is available (for PC), you play with your own nickname, with your own account
✅ Support and a 3 years of warranty!
✅ Region Free/Global (Can Play In Any Country)
✅ Instant Delivery

📝 Usual questions:
1. Is it hard to activate game, how it works?
- No! Few simple steps that takes less then 5 minutes, you just enter our account, download games and then play from you acc
For Xbox we give you separate text and video guides. For PC too
2. How do I play game (PC)
- You download it in Microsoft Store or Xbox app, and in Xbox Live (Xbox Console Companion), it's windows 10 , 11 application
3. Can I loose game?
- No! Game keeps with you forever! In case of any problems, just contact us, we glad to help. You can activate game any time on any device!
4. Warranty?
- You have lifetime warranty, and the game keeps with you forever. All our buyers happy with buying )
5. Any help with errors?
- There's a guide with all error solutions. Also you can get help in our Discord channel
6. Can I play it in my Country?
- Yes. The game is Region Free.
7. How it works for Xbox?
Video guide with ENG subtitles https://youtu.be/thFLE7Sq9-Q

🎮 Is it safe?!
If you are afraid of purchasing safety - there's nothing to be aware of!
It's already few years we make our customers happy with best games for best prices and best quality,
In this years we've sold hundreds of thousands video games on different marketplaces and our own website.
We don't have unhappy buyers! We take care of every problem and every review so that every buyer is satisfied
If you aware about game safety, there's nothing to be afraid of too!
All games that are for sale in Bro_Gamers are lifetime warranty. In case of any problems,
All what's needed is just you contacting us. We help you ASAP so you stay pleased.
In case of any problems, don't panic and don't leave negative review,
Contact us on the order page, we are always glad to help you ❤️

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