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If you missed something

Where can I learn about the rules for sellers?

You can find a full list of rules here this link.

Dishonest buyers buy my goods and sell them on their own behalf. How to avoid this?

Always declare your rights to this product. If this is a text, put a copy of the copy, indicate the conditions in which the product is distributed, use the unchanged format (for example, PDF). If this is graphics, use digital watermarks. If a program, include a license agreement and copyright notice. Secure your copyright in any way you can.

The buyer left a negative review, and all my products are temporarily blocked. Tell me what to do now?

You need to contact the buyer in all possible ways, try to resolve the conflict and achieve a change in a negative review. If the buyer did not indicate in the review that exactly does not suit him, as well as if the text of the review contains obscene language, please notify us on the My account > Messages.

The buyer decided to change the review about my product. How can they do it?

Remind him of the need to use the section '' my purchases ''. After authorization, the buyer gains access to all purchased goods and can change the review.

Why do we need a personal WebMoney certificate and how to get it?

The presence of a personal certificate gives the seller a number of advantages: the degree of trust from buyers increases if the buyer leaves a negative review, then the personal account and sales of goods are not blocked (except in cases with a negative rating) Opens access to many sections of, for example "Pin-codes" About all conditions of receiving personal attestation you can learn on the site of WebMoney Transfer Attestation service.

I want to sell goods on my website, I don't need

There is no problem - when placing the goods as a section, select '' my site ''. We offer various options for sales of digital goods, such as non -fixed prices, automatically created unique codes, etc.

How to change the personal data specified during registration?

Use the &#34 button; change the details '' In the section Personal Account.

Can I put the same product in several sections?

No, this is prohibited.

Why can't I withdraw money for the goods sold?

Sellers can withdraw funds no earlier than 72 hours from the date of sale. For some sections/goods/sellers, the delay time for the withdrawal of funds can be increased.

I want to download a large file to your server. Are there any restrictions on the file size?

The size of free disk space of the vendor is 100 Mb. At the same time, the maximum allowable size of the uploaded file is 2 Mb. You can remove the limitation on the size of the uploaded file by purchasing additional disk space. To do this, use the Personal Area > Disk Space section. The cost of renting 100 Mb is 1 WMZ per month.

Is it allowed to use HTML Tags in the description of the goods?

No, the use of the HTML code when making information about the product is prohibited, in addition to special tags, “Special Delivery Conditions” and “Important Information”. Digiseller allows you to load the images of goods and automatically makes HTTP links in the description active.

I added the goods, but I can not find it among other goods.

The list of goods in sections is updated once an hour.

What digital goods can I sell on your trading platform?

Only those for which you have the right to sell This requirement applies not only to software, but also to any other goods If you want to resell a legally purchased item once, then list it on our marketplace as a "unique" item.

Can I specify contact information in the description of the goods?

No, you can't. All the contact information of the seller can be found on a separate "Seller Information" page.

There is no section for my product, what should I do?

In this case, you need to write to us about this through  Personal office Digiseller.  We will create the required section for you.

What is the difference between '' accounts '', '' rental accounts '', '' offline accounts ''?

The content of the product in the category «Accounts» must be as follows: account login and password without two-factor protection, as well as full access to mail. The content of the product in the category "Accounts for Rent" must be the following: account login and password. If the account has two-factor protection, the seller must issue it within 12 hours. The contents of the item in the "Offline accounts" category must be the following: login and password for an account without two-factor protection with offline access.

What are the rules of communication between a seller and their customers?

You must provide customer support: promptly respond to incoming negative feedback, if necessary to replace the product or refund the funds; ensure that the description of the product contains all the information required by customers; provide a warranty period of at least 14 days for products with accounts.

Can I communicate with clients outside Digiseller?

Communication with the buyer (including data transfer, replacement of goods, etc.) must be made in the Digiseller interface. At your own risk you can use other communication channels, but when considering negative feedback and taking measures the administration takes into account only correspondence in the Digiseller interface.

Can I sell goods using unique code after which the client will receive their data?

No, the contents of the goods should allow the use of the goods immediately after the purchase (unless otherwise specified in the description); Contain all the information necessary for entering the account (PIN-code, login, password, URL, secret question, email data, etc.). It is forbidden to specify in the content text like "To receive the goods contact Skype, VKontakte, Email, etc."

Can I request a video recording about buying from a client in controversial situations?

The buyer is not obliged to conduct a video recording of the purchase process, as well as the operation of the goods. It is impossible to force buyers to do this.

Can I wind up the reviews of my goods?

Watching reviews in any manifestation is prohibited.

Can I sell the goods with a chance of its illiquibility in advance by warning about this in the description?

The sale of obviously illiquid goods and sale with the chance of receiving illiquid goods is prohibited.

Can I get a return outside the Digiseller site?

Returns to customers are issued strictly through the Digiseller system.

There are questions left?