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Rules for the sale of digital products on the marketplace
Edition from 17 september 2018 year
1. Payments for using the trading platform
1.1. Using is partially free. The commission, in WM units, is charged only upon successful completion of the purchase and sale transaction. Commission is established for each section. The size of the commission is from 2 to 14% of the product value and depends on the product category. You can see the exact size of the commission right after choosing a category when adding products to Digiseller.
1.2. The administration of the resource has the right to change the size of the commission. You will receive a notification of commission changes in Digiseller private messages.
2. Lack of guarantees from the organizers of
2.1. services are provided as they currently exist.
2.2. does not guarantee permanent or unconditional access to the services provided. The functioning of may be disrupted by force majeure and other factors, the prevention or overcoming of which is beyond the capabilities of the organizers Read completely
Frequently asked the questions
Where can I get acquainted with the rules for sellers?
You can get the full list of rules for sellers at this link.
Where can I find a list of minimum prices?
You can find information on minimum prices at this link. If the price of an item in a category is lower than the minimum price, that item will automatically be hidden from all pages of the website.
Unscrupulous buyers buy my product and put it up for sale on their own behalf. How to avoid this?
Always claim your rights to this product. If this is text, put a copyright sign, indicate the conditions for which the product applies, use an unchanged format (for example, PDF). If it is graphics, use digital watermarks. If the program, include the license agreement and copyright notice in it. Lock your copyrights in any way possible.
The buyer left a negative review and all my products are temporarily blocked. Tell me what to do now?
You need to contact the buyer by all possible means, try to resolve the conflict and achieve a change in negative feedback. If the buyer did not indicate in the review that he was not particularly comfortable, or if the review text contains profanity, please let us know on the page My Account> Correspondence.
The buyer decided to change the review of my product. How can he do this?
Remind him to use the My Purchases section. After authorization, the buyer gets access to all purchased products and can change the review.
Why do I need a personal WebMoney certificate and how to get it?
The presence of a personal certificate gives the seller a number of advantages: The degree of confidence on the part of buyers increases. If the buyer leaves a negative review, then the personal account and sales of products are not blocked (except in cases with a negative rating) Provides access to many sections of, for example, "PIN codes" You can learn about all the conditions for obtaining a personal certificate on the website of the WebMoney Transfer Certification service.
I want to sell products on my website, I do not need
No problem - when placing the product as a section, select "My site". We offer various options for selling digital goods, such as fixed prices, automatically generated unique codes, etc.
How to change the personal data specified during registration?
Use the "Change details" button in the Personal Account section.
No, it is forbidden.
Why can not I withdraw money for the goods sold?
Sellers can withdraw funds no earlier than 72 hours from the date of sale. For some sections / goods / sellers, the delay time for withdrawal of funds may be increased.
I want to upload a large file to your server. Are there any file size limits?
The seller’s free disk space is 100 MB. In this case, the maximum allowable size of the downloaded file is 2 MB. You can remove the restriction on the size of the hosted file by purchasing additional disk space. To do this, use the section My Account> Disk Space. The rental price of 100 MB is 1 WMZ per month.
Are HTML tags allowed in product descriptions?
No, using the html code when entering product information is prohibited, except for special tags, special delivery conditions and important information. DigiSeller allows you to upload images of products, automatically makes http-links in the description active.
Added a product, but can not find it among other products.
The list of products in the sections is updated once an hour.
What digital products can I sell on your trading platform?
Only those for which you have the right to sell. This requirement is presented not only to the software, but also to any other goods. If you want to resell legally acquired goods once, then place it on our trading platform as a “unique” product.
Can I additionally include contact information in the product description?
No you can not. All seller’s contact information is listed on a separate page "Seller Information".
There is no suitable category for my product, what should I do?
In this case you should write to us through your Digiseller account. We will create a new category for you.
What is the difference between «Accounts», «Renting accounts» and «Offline accounts»?
The contents of the product in the «Accounts» category must contain: login and password from the account without 2FA protection and also full access to the Email. The contents of the product in the «Renting accounts» category must contain: login and password from the account. If the account has 2FA protection, the seller must give access within 24 hours. The contents of the product in the «Offline accounts» category must contain: login and password from the account without 2FA protection with offline access.
What are the rules of conduct for a seller?
You must provide customer support: promptly respond to incoming negative feedback, and, if necessary, replace the product or refund the money; the product description must contain all the necessary information; the minimum warranty period for products with accounts is 14 days.
Can I communicate with customers outside of Digiseller?
Communication with the buyer (including data transfer, replacement of goods, etc.) must be done in the Digiseller interface. You can use other communication channels at your own risk, but the administration only reads correspondence in the Digiseller interface when considering negative feedback and taking action.
Can I sell a product using a unique code, which the customer should provide to receive the product?
The contents of the product must allow the product to be used immediately after purchase (unless otherwise specified in the description); contain ALL information (PIN-code, login, password, URL, secret question, Email data, etc.). It is forbidden to write in the product content something like «to get the goods contact me via Skype, VK, Email, etc.»
Can I request video evidence of a purchase from a customer in disputed situations?
The customer is not obliged to record the purchase process or the use of the product. It is forbidden to force customers to do this.
Can I leave fake positive reviews of my products?
Any form of review scam is FORBIDDEN.
Can I sell a product with a chance of invalidity by warning about it in the description beforehand?
The sale of knowingly invalid, or with a chance of receiving invalid products is FORBIDDEN.
Can I make a refund outside of Digiseller?
Refunds are issued STRICTLY through the Digiseller system.
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